Oh Baby: Oh No.

It’s right around the eight-month mark that children start to show the first signs of being an unnecessary Photoshop.

Photoshop disasters

In addition to the overgrown baby, it looks like everything is floating in a sea of beige. What do you think caused this, readers? Is that doorway on the level, or is the tot here surrounded by nothing but lies?

Thanks Laurent for the great find. You can see the original Jago.

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  • teleromeo

    That roaring beast is about to escape, prepare for the end of the world ! ! ! !

  • Waldobaby

    Weird concept of the decade: the vanishing point. If this was planned out on paper, there’s no way it would get this far by anyone who’d passed sixth grade drawing class.

  • ixache

    Owww! How cute! Baby from the 35th dimension (the French e-sellers one)…

    Let me venture a guess about how this mess happened: want to sell barrier again escaping babies; have no picture of a baby wanting to escape, but have separate pictures of: baby, room, barrier, walls (x2); also have five minutes, Photoshop of some sort, too many glasses of wine; and, voilà!

  • Chris

    I REALLY want to know where I can get a job half-assing jobs like this. Nothing about the doorway, floor, or baby, gel.

    • http://twitter.com/richardginn richardginn

      That looks like a dream job!!

  • omnichad

    Looks like the baby photo was a stock image overlaid on a stock image of a baby’s room. Then that stock image was overlaid with a 3D render of a doorway with the baby gate and fake flooring.

  • OurJames

    Also notice how the left door jamb seems to be about a foot in front of the right one. An illusion worthy of Escher!

    • omnichad

      I think that’s just an optical fail – your eyes want to believe the doorway is at a right angle or parallel to the other walls in the room. We’re viewing the doorway at a steep angle, but the bedroom head-on.

      • OurJames

        So the bottom of the baby gate is almost touching the floor on the right, but at some distance above it on the left? (Despite what the drop shadow so desperately wants you to believe.)

        • omnichad

          Hmm…I think the floor is just a drawn in shape and not part of the door frame image OR the baby room image.

  • http://twitter.com/bevtastic7 Beverly Jenkins

    The Teddy Bear in the background: SOON.