Photoshop Quiz: Elle: Where’s that Foot

In the last 24 hours we’ve received what we think might be a disaster but as usual we’d like our audience to decide.  The following image is from the UK Elle cover for January 2013 featuring Kylie Minogue and we think part of her left leg might have been amputated?

Vote below and drop us a comment as to what might have happened here. 

Photoshop Disasters

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Thanks in particular to Dwayne who spotted this first.

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  • Marlin

    If it’d been behind her butt, she would’ve needed to flex the foot quite brutally. It is … possible, but not likely. Just measure her right leg, from the knee, and compare with what’s left of her left one.

  • George E. Pie

    I agree with Marlin, not impossible to have the foot behind her bum, but unlikely.

  • Darren

    Oh man, she’s really put her foot in it this time…

  • thewolfkin

    I say it’s possible. Maybe if anything they brushed out the backside where her foot would stick out behind her bum. I could easily see someone maybe holding her foot up (because that’s a tight angle to hold for a picture, but than again I’m no model) and the plan being to just photoshop him and anything past her real

  • Not surprises

    We need more choices! Her foot is probably in something!

  • Waldobaby

    There’s plenty of room for a foot behind that butt. What would be revealing would be a close shot of the leftmost edge of her hem. EVERYONE screws up that butt-to-lower-thigh line where it exits cloth for skin.

    Also, to be a late joiner, that pop up is hostile to the reader. That’s revealing too.

  • Kookoo

    The foot is behind the butt, but they trimmed the butt, so now there is nowhere for the foot to hide except…

  • binarylife

    Never mind the leg, they made her face look like Lindsay Lohan’s…

    • Beverly Jenkins

      Agreed! She certainly doesn’t look like herself.

  • bebert

    Measure it: on extended leg, from kneecap to heel: 170px. On folded leg, 170px from kneecap is well behind the butt. They have likely cut off a protruding bit of the high-heel, though.

  • ixache

    Who? Kylie Minogue? You surely mean Madame Tussaud’s version of her, right?

  • Cathy

    Forget about her left leg. Her right leg is dangling. What’s keeping her erect?

  • stella

    Her left foot is behind her butt – it is what keeps her upright long enough to take the picture.

    Her left knee is pressed against the diagonal “beam” – same thing her left hand is pushing against. Since her right foot is on tippy-tippy toes (probably not the official terminology), her left knee and left hand have to support some of her weight and keep her from toppling over. However, her left knee and hand are not positioned in a way that would keep her from falling over all by themselves. Therefore, her left foot (specifically the toes of her left foot) must be touching the horozontal beam to support her.

    This also explains why her left leg is bent at such a tight angle.

    If she kept the shoe on her left foot, part of the heel should probably be sticking out, but I think it is more likely that she took off that shoe so that she could better support herself.

  • thebewilderness

    They elongated her right leg.

  • VXB

    It’s often the case an extremity will be Photoshoped out because it looks unsightly. Imagine a foot
    sticking out behind the front leg. Would it spoil the smoothness of the lines on her forward leg?

    It’s worth considering.

    • stella

      If there was a foot sticking out the back, I think it would have been better to keep it in. Without the foot, the leg sort of turns into a giant phallic symbol – if you know what I mean.

  • Leif Beaver

    The mute returns and comments “I wish my girlfriend had hands like that…”

  • disqus_lwcgL29DJz

    more to the point is that REALLY Kylie

  • SL

    I think that her foot is her support behind her. The heel might have been showing and looked awkward so they removed it but with the human anatomy, the upper and lower legs are about the same in length and it looks to me that it is accurate.

  • likalaruku

    Tonight I gotta cut loose.
    Stick on my right foot shoe.
    Everything’s wrong but the knee.