St. Augustine’s: Trite Trolley Fake

“And if I can direct your attention to the left of the trolley, you’ll notice a grotesque Photoshop disaster.

If you look at the trolley tour website, you’ll notice that a few of the photoshopped patrons are still there, while others are replaced by even worse cut-outs. Still, the most glaring fake exists throughout: people smiling on a trolley tour.

Thanks Kevin!

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  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    they are on the road to PSD hell.

    • Greenhatter

      …I thought, the driver looks like a square devil!

  • OurJames

    Lo, how the mighty have fallen. The trolley driver is the mother from the sitcom “One Day at a Time.” Now she drives flat tourists past incongruously pasted-in backgrounds that don’t even share her implied perspective.

  • Clevertail

    Oh no, everyone has discovered there is more than one light source and cant decide which one too look at next!

  • John Donovan

    The image on the website is fantastic! The famous sights of Augustine fade past while the driver it drawing everyone’s attention to the opposite side – maybe they don’t want to put the _best_ sights on the page because then what would be the point of the tour?

  • SL

    Oh I always wanted to go to St. Augustine but now that’s creepy. I might skip it. =P

    I thought pointing was bad matters.

  • Dave

    What an insult to photoshop!