Gladiator Sandals: Stand-in

Just because you can accomplish the something more realistic than a manikin doesn’t mean you should.

Is there a woman in this world who needs a four-inch stiletto with a shin pad? And a fur lining? In this disasters defense, the kind of person (let’s not assume anything about their sex on this one) who finds these things compelling probably doesn’t mind the severed foot surprise.

Thanks Brandy for the great find. The original was found on AllGladiatorSandals.

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  • obvious

    It’s brown leather, not a PSD.

    • Amy


    • lilacc

      Yeah, how can anyone see it’s not? This blog is getting worse everyday -.-‘

      • Waldobaby

        I guess we’re not all as smart as you are.

    • Beverly Jenkins

      If your feet look leathery, might I suggest a good pedicure? I mean, really.

  • PSD reader

    This blog is pathetic, not even close to a disaster, and the footwear is from a website called All Gladiator Sandals… makes sense to me.

  • jimmypez

    I guess the point is that it cut off the shin…whatever…

  • teleromeo

    Is the new foot included when you buy those sandals ?

  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    I don’t see any disaster, just a fugly shoe. The “foot” is probably a plaster shoe manniquin. My dad managed a shoe store and they had several of these to display shoes on.

    • Waldobaby

      Then that lower clasp is nailed onto a non-shoe.

      Oh, yeah, before I forget: Goddamned popup!

  • Dan Rezaiekhaligh

    This is just sad, the real disaster is becoming this website. It’s leather now a foot. Maybe you should create a panel where a few of us that use photoshop often can review these so called disasters.

    • Greenhatter

      …you are a smart mf. Swelling with a badly infected crowd! Go drive your own `blog, will you?

  • Greenhatter

    please lady, let me assure you, that your stump will fit perfectly on this, …probably not!

  • SL

    If it is brown leather then that’s a cool shoe since it looks like a foot in it. If it’s not then that’s just human cruelty. LOL