Top 10 Photoshop Disasters of 2012

As 2012 draws to a close it’s time for PSD to have a look back at some of the best disasters that you submitted. Thanks everyone for a great year!

Photoshop Disasters

Dudley learned everything he knows about graphic artistry through years of experience writing ransom notes. Original

Photoshop Disaster

Hey, everyone, look at three-eyes! Good thing the trials of growing up are so easy. Original

Photoshop Disasters

As the world’s only known conjoined fraternal twins, Carlo & Sylvia not only rejected the pity of others, but their surprising comfort level with the strange card dealt to them by Nature was unsettling to say the least. Original

This is what happens when you hire graphic artists straight out of solitary confinement on a work-release program. Original

Oprah Winfrey turned quite a few heads at last night’s Image Awards, with hair by Umberto, jewelry by Bulgari, and gown by Kuato. Original

Photoshop Disaster

I think the guys over at J Crew might have gotten a little too excited.  Original

Photoshop Disaster

If you’re going to slather your model in flamingo-pink, try to avoid giving her the legs of one too. Original

Photoshop Disaster

Plus-sized fashions for minus-limbed persons. Original 

Given a choice, I think I would much rather float than hop, too! Original

Photoshop Disaster

With all the times “Thing” has featured on the site I’m starting to think that the Photoshop gods are playing with us.  Original 


We wish everyone a happy New Year and we’ll see you back here in 2013!

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    Can’t belive it, LOL

  • Soot


  • Wynn Anne Sibbald

    I don’t think the Lane Bryant is a Photoshop disaster. It’s a model-walking-into-a-shrub disaster. You can see her right knee behind her left knee.

    • Rex Henry

      If anything is wrong with that ad, it’s the lack of contrast of “Lane” over the background

    • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

      Fashion photos are obligatory on this site, disaster or not.

  • effe

    these must be “monday-morning” artworks

  • Kirsty

    PSD is bringing up (pretty dodgy) popup ads.

  • shahzaib hussain

    Awesome work superb .school logo

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    The Gran Canaria disaster is a lot worse than most on this list. Especially in style and taste.