• Limbis

    I don’t think it’s a PSD, I believe the huge hand is caused by the wide-angle lens on the camera. Objects closer to the camera appear larger than they actually are with such a lens on.

    • Kookoo

      There are at least two layers here. The background was shot with a normal lens, the guy with the keys was shot with a wide-angle lens. Why the PS operator thought that these two images can be successfully superimposed is beyond me. Clearly a PS disaster.

  • Ben

    Even with an ordinary lens, given he’s holding his hand out in front of his face, perspective would make it seem significantly larger than average…

    It may have been exaggerated by the GA, but if so it’s exaggerating a natural effect.

    • marcy

      If there is no photoshopping involved then this guy must have really long arms.
      If the GA exaggerated a natural effect, then it is still a PsD to me.

  • http://twitter.com/bevtastic7 Beverly Jenkins

    Who looked at this and thought, “Yeah, that looks great!?” That hand is comically large.

  • Allan

    its a PSD coz there is no way the lens effect can stay constant from his palm to his elbow. its a disaster

  • http://www.hyperxp.com HyperXP

    I know this guy. lol

  • Greenhatter

    Does the real estate come with a baseball field?

  • mirza

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  • johan

    He also has a wife and children who are smaller than his face…

    • Jeremy

      Also his head will never fit through that door.