Charisma Creations

I can certainly see where one-third of the company’s charisma comes from, and it’s not from painted-on spaghetti-straps.

Photoshop Disasters

Anyone else feeling gift-guilt after the holidays? I knew I should have bought my mother a poorly-rendered necklace and bust instead of a stupid book. Maybe I’ll get one for my girlfriend instead, since they’re equally ‘real.’

Thanks Leyla. You can see the original on the Second Life Marketplace.

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  • Amar Samra

    Don’t see anything wrong here, seeing as Second Life is a computer game…

  • Erin McKibben

    ……..why is this even on here? Obviously you didn’t even read the page you got it from. What do you expect something from a game to look like?

  • AVA

    This may be poorly rendered, but it isn’t a disaster. Second Life Marketplace sells digital products for people’s avatars — it’s SUPPOSED to look fake, because it’s just a CG game character.

  • Ricc

    I doubt any image editing software was involved. That’s just the way Second Life looks. It’s a bit creepy, after all. Uncanny valley in full effect.

  • jdm8

    Clearly, whoever made that character has no idea how breasts are shaped.

    • marcy

      Looks more she is mooning us.

  • MCDexX

    Uh… yeah… It’s a computer game, and a very old computer game at that. This is a marketplace for virtual in-game items. Not your finest hour, dude.

  • sandwyrm

    No disaster. That’s exactly what the in-game graphics for 2nd Life look like. Crappy.

  • CR

    This is normal for Second Life. I’ve designed clothes in SL and this is how it turns out. Who researched this???

  • Geoff Owen

    Er this is how Second Life looks. It’s just a computer game.

  • SL

    I wonder how many they have sold.

  • Beverly Jenkins

    I am clearly not a gamer, because I had no idea this was from Second Life! Color me embarrassed. Still… boobs?

    • stella

      My guess is that most guys that design video games have never seen boobs in real life.

  • soren

    looks like the sims.

  • soren