Co-Op: Employee of the Month

The employee of the month competition became unfair when three-armed grocers were allowed to compete for the coveted title.

Photoshop Disasters

Stocking efficiency  aside, this is one of the more useless superpowers to be cursed with. Tailoring all those shirts and work uniforms to accommodate the extra limb and you still don’t get to wear a cape to work? Bogus stuff.

Thanks George. The original can be found in the Yellowknife Co-op’s January newsletter.

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  • ted

    Which one is the third arm?

  • Scott Redmon

    it looks like he’s holding the certificate and she is too…and they are both shaking hands…not a prime choice of butchering for the PSDisaster folks…Not really feeling this one…

  • Beth Alice

    Extra limb? I don’t see it. His left hand is holding the frame, and is her left hand is also holding the frame. Her right hand is shaking his right hand.

    • Kookoo

      Where is his thumb then. His thumb should be on the outside of his left hand, shouldn’t it?

      • Lauren Snyder

        His thumb is most likely supporting the back of the picture frame. The fingers don’t match the slenderness and the pinkish coloration of the woman’s hands, they’re wider with a more yellow tint like the man’s hand. This sketch illustrates what’s probably going on behind the frame.

        • Kookoo


  • HM

    …four hands, two people. You do the math. They’re shaking hands and they each have their left hand on the frame. Awkward pose? Yes. Photoshop disaster? Not that I see.

  • Denis Germain

    not a disaster….

  • SophieCollier

    Photoshop Disaster Fail. There are exactly four hands, two of his and two of hers. It’s an illusion that she’s holding the frame in both hands, but not a photoshop disaster.

  • monkeeknifefight

    You guys kidding me? It’s a total PSDisaster. That’s obviously NOT his hand on the certificate. Unless he has two right hands and can reach around at a funky angle.

    • Janet Cox Tuhey

      I have to agree with you, monkee. It looks like the right proportions to be his hand, but it’s definitely a second right hand.

      • NicoPG

        I can have exactly the same position with my left hand (look at the finger lengths) : not PSD for me…

        • Brad Greer

          The fact that anyone thinks someone would pay a person to photoshop this picture at all in the first place is mind-boggling.

  • stella

    My first thought was PsD. Then I thought that it was his hand at the bottom of the frame. Then I wondered why his pinkie was bigger than his index finger. Then I wondered if his left arm was in the right position to be holding the frame like that (shouldn’t his upper arm be a little farther back?) – his arm looks like it belongs to the hand he is shaking (which is definitely not his hand. And now I am leaning back towards this being a PsD.
    This should have been one of those weekend “Is this a PsD? Vote then leave a reply.”

  • handystl

    Ermagherd, 4 arms — FREAKY!!!

  • Ratava

    That’s his hand holding the certificate.

  • Unky Farberoo

    They are both holding the sign. Photoshop Disaster fail.

  • Bernd Buchmayr

    and again no psd from bryce… was good, but now?

  • OurJames

    At first I thought: 4hands / 2 people = 0 PSD. But the hand holding the bottom of the certificate is quite petite and doesn’t look like it could belong to our burly butcher. Then I noticed it’s a right hand. On his left arm. I can only conclude that this was the result of a horrific accident back where they do the butchering. Luckily he had a right hand lying around. A few staples and he was ready to go. No PSD!

  • crankycatholic

    Not a PSD.

  • Thriell

    They’re each holding the certificate with their left hand and they’re shaking right hands. Look at the skin color of the hand on the bottom of the certificate; it matches his right hand perfectly and is WAY the wrong color for hers. The hand on the bottom of the frame has short, stubby fingers, just like his right hand does. Besides, where else in this picture would his left hand be?

    • OurJames

      Then why is the butcher’s left arm encased in a sleeve that looks just like the woman’s?

      • sapien

        That’s her arm coming out of the sleeve. His hand is just placed near it, but isn’t connected to the wrist in the sleeve.

  • Waldobaby

    This one pretty much brings the tally to A: definite disaster – 25%, B: not-perfect shop – 25%, and C: made it up in desperation – 50%.

  • Scooter62

    I gotta say, the number of non-PSD posts is starting to get annoying.