German Metaphors: Too Soon

Guys, I finally found something the Germans don’t do well: Photoshop.

Photoshop Disasters

It’s funny that the second-most embarrassing thing about this advertisement is that it’s about premature ejaculation. Despite my earlier comment, you have to give it to the Germans for clever metaphors about “arriving too soon.” Though the face mask and female expression butcher any subtlety…

Thanks Whitney.

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  • richardginn

    This ad is so cheap they could not even afford a woman….

  • chris

    the advert is to do with premature ejaculation, I hope that’s not whats on her face…

  • frosch95

    Even the text is wrong. The word Artz is misspelled. It should be Arzt …

  • Greenhatter

    Be sure to hide your roses when she opens the door with her Iwanttobelieve-mask on.

  • barbara

    none of these objects were in the same place at the same time…not the man, not the flowers, not the mask, not the woman….but you gotta love the double entendre

  • Nangleator

    Is that one of those Hannibal-Lector-chewed-off-someone-else-then-worn face masks?

  • Beverly Jenkins

    I think I know how this story ends, and it involves duct tape and the trunk of his car….

  • Roy

    Why womans have to put this shit on her face…

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