Glamour: Let Your Hair Down

I had to look top to bottom on this submission to figure out where the disaster was. Then I realized I spent a full minute going up the neck.

Photoshop Disasters

Besides seeing the highest anyone has ever held their head, can we get a reader consensus on what is going on with the right side of the model’s face? Asymmetrical, warped page, or mid-stroke? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks Stephanie. You can see the original in the Feb 2013 edition of Glamour.

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  • Henfe

    Forgive me for stating the obvious but you had just been in an accident that added two feet your height you face might look a little weird too….

  • Ballsack

    The face is just the warping of the page. It’s pretty hard to get a pic of a magazine that looks straight on.

  • TitaniumSpork

    I think it’s an illusion to the eyes. We don’t see the shoulders so it seems like it’s a really long neck. The shirt has a low cut in the front which adds to the issue.

    • mars

      i agree

    • stella

      That was my first thought – not a PsD, the hair is covering the shoulders. However, if I assume that the bulge in her neck goes down to her collarbone (I don’t think it is possible to have the bulge go below the collarbone) and I cover up the “neck” below the bulge, her neck is still really long. Unless that is also a function of a bent magazine page.
      So now I am thinking PsD.

    • gygy

      It’s also obviously illusion caused by how the page is held. Glamour has normal sized pages, not very tall and narrow, as the picture would suggest.

  • Beverly Jenkins

    PsD or not, one thing is clear. This model needs to “Phone Home, Elliot!”

  • aaron mombezo karo

    derp face.

  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    Since most models are barely human a long neck isn’t unusual. But hers is more than twice as long as her nead. Another giraffe-human cross or a PsD? You decide.

  • Fantasos

    This is legit. I can tell from the pixels. LOL.

  • DonanFear