InStyle: Burberry: Off-Balance

A pretty face will get you far kid, but make sure it’s attached right.

Photoshop Disasters

Is this ad implying that the two models next to the child are his parents? If so, lock up a bit of that leg ma.

What say you on readers? Disjointed head, sloppy parenting, or some sick combination of the two? Thanks Gergely! You can see the original on the Instyle Facebook page.

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  • jdm8

    Why no, her pose doesn’t look awkward at all. Why do you ask?

    The kid’s mug reminds me of Fareed Zakaria. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, it’s just an observation.

  • CMfly

    With parents David and Victoria Beckham I don’t think it’s an issue with their looks..

  • Bryan “bytehead” Price

    I see two elbows on one arm. They aren’t even trying.

  • Bert

    Is it me or the kid’s head is oversize? Looks like the picture of an adult, scaled down (unless they make very small umbrellas for kids), with a kid’s face pasted over..

  • Rrhain

    Not only is the kid’s head oversized (and poorly pasted in), but also the man’s head has been distorted. That’s a huge noggin compared to the size of his shoulders.

    And what’s with the woman’s up-raised leg? Can it get any thinner?

    • B Bladon

      At first, I thought her raised leg looked thinner because her shoe blends with the wall behind her. But upon closer inspection, this is a family rife with deformities.

  • Teh Bewilderness

    These are the superhero trench coats of elasticity we have long awaited!

  • SL

    Nice thighs. What up with the pee pose? I want to put a pee stream on both of them. Sorry… can’t resist… most… do… it… ahhhh that felt good. Facebook time. 😉

  • Beverly Jenkins

    They clearly Photoshopped out the fire hydrant, too.