Hands-off langerie

This model may look sultry, but all she wants is someone to hold her ‘hand.’

Photoshop Disasters

I’ve always had trouble getting lingerie off of ladies (mostly because I have trouble getting past the whole “who are you and what are you doing in my house?” stage of seduction), but a hoof-hand seems like it would make a rubrix cube out of a bra-hook. Ever see a goat wearing a bra before? Case in point.

Thanks Jacek. You can see the original on the Intymna site.

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  • Tanny Sam

    That’s exactly what a hand looks like from that angle… straight on, bent at 90 degree angle. And it’s Rubik’s cube, not “rubrix,”

  • Flavio Freitas

    If this is her real body, I don`t care about the hand. :-)

  • greennotGreen

    You call that “sultry’? I call it “Zoolander.”

    • Beverly Jenkins

      It does have a “Blue Steel” quality to it, you’re right.

  • greennotGreen

    When a hand is bent at that angle, wrinkles appear at the wrist. I think the artist too aggressively removed those wrinkles which gives the hand that lovely hoof-like look.

  • Laurie S. Neilsen

    What the hell is a rubrix’s cube?

    • Miguel Farah

      The pirated version of a Rubik’s cube, I guess…

  • Wolf

    What kind of guy sees a photo like that and thinks “hmmm … That hand looks funny” ?

  • Hog

    I know so many goats wearing bras….