Light in the Box: Less Than Cute

Now, point me to where the Photoshop abuse occurred.

There’s an old adage in advertising: your model should never outshine your product. There’s another adage that feels appropriate too: your head shouldn’t be bigger than your torso. I believe that last one was Shakespeare.

You can see the original on the Light in the Box site under cute tops.

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  • sora-kara

    ugh. I can’t stand whatever company takes photos of this girl. I’ve seen her on many different sites, and they always make her look like this! Its horrible! I’m starting to wonder if maybe her head actually is that big…

  • stella

    I believe what Shakespeare actually said was, “Alas, to thine own torso, shall thine cranium not outsize.”

    • Skeptic

      I think that’s Yoda, not Shakespeare. 😛

  • Juan Antonio

    but the photo was taken with a wide angle lens… so… it´s not a fail…

    • Miguel Farah

      This is NOT the effect of a wide-angle lens. If it were, there would be a “natural” progression in size from legs to torso to hands to head.

      In this case, all the body up to the shoulders looks in proportion (even the right hand), with only a giant head to screw things up. The head by itself does look like the result of a wide-angle lens (a piss-poor practice when shooting portraits), but it was probably pasted over the body from another picture.

      • Miguel Farah

        Also, the butt seems to simply float over whatever furniture is under it. The body was probable pasted into a picture of the room, as well.

        • OurJames

          I don’t think so. She is sitting on a slightly reflective surface, and you can see the reflections of her leg and shorts very faintly. I doubt they would go to that length if they just pasted her in from some other photo.

          But agree this is not just a wide-angle for the reasons you mention.

          • Janet Cox Tuhey

            I guess a sarcasm alert may have helped you two.

  • ixache

    Genuine question here… Would there be some experienced photographer around here would could tell us if this kind of effect could be done “in camera”, maybe using a combination of wide-angle and tilt and shift optics? Thanks in advance.

    • OurJames

      But why would anyone want to?

      • ixache

        Ah, the inscrutable minds of art directors… All I know is that if it is possible, someone will deem it the new “it”.

  • General Confusion

    She’s cute and her featured head is at the top, so ‘cute top’ is not false advertising.