Linio: Big Boy Bike

What a deal! A bike that’s 25% off despite being twice as big as it should be.

Photoshop Disasters

For the penny-pinching adolescent (and those eager to take a running start to mount their bike), it’s a savings that can’t be beat. Of course, it doesn’t seem like there’s any way a child’s limbs could hold the handlebars or reach the pedals – but if you need an oversized bike that doesn’t cast a shadow, this is the one for you.

Thanks Ricardo. You can see the original on the Linio Colombia Facebook site.

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  • B Bladon

    If a Big Wheel and a bike were ever combined, this is what would come out of it.

  • Nicewriter

    Looks like some parts of the bike are missing too.

  • dma

    Are those the Flames of Hell coming to claim the foul beast on the right?

  • Felix Atagong

    I see an annoying publicity banner hovering above your text, living up on your own standards, I see.

  • Dawn Casey

    All the creepy little faces peering at me from the wheels really makes me want to not ride this bike. Hell on Wheels?