Macguyver: Hold On

In this disaster’s defense, it was made with a Commodore 64, a rubber band, and a bit of rocket fuel from under the sink.

Photoshop Disasters

It looks like someone forgot that there’s a whole ‘grenade’ part that accompanies the lock and pin portions of this handheld explosive. No disrespect to everyone’s favourite action handyman, but we all know Tony Stark could have made a better photoshop in a cave with a box of scraps.

Thanks Andrew. You can see the original on Hulu.

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  • vlad

    i think that is not a disaster but intendet. this should express that his punch is as hard as a handgranade

  • Michael Todd Jr.

    Okay, to be fair, if anyone could fashion their fist into a hand grenade, it would be MacGuyver.

  • MacWannabe

    The MacGuyver theme song got stuck in my head the instant I saw that mullet.

  • alyf

    I would tend to think that substituting the fist for the actual grenade is the whole point of the image. A bit idiotic (after all the TV series wasn’t exactly science material), but not a PsD per se.

    • omnichad

      I agree with you. At first, I thought the image was bad.

      Macgyver doesn’t use guns – Richard Dean Anderson is a big supporter of gun control. I don’t think his character would ever use a hand grenade, either, despite whipping up explosives at the last minute, to be used in a mostly non-deadly way. This appears to be representing that fact.

      • Waldobaby

        But: his fists are dy-no-mite!

    • newfie mcgee


    • B Bladon

      All I know is that I fist-bumped my monitor when I got this submission.

  • jdm8

    I think it’s supposed to say “hand grenade”, and the knuckles look like the classic pineapple shape

  • Tim!

    Agree that this is intended. Note also that the lock and pin are flesh-colored rather than steel gray or powder-coated olive or black as would be expected on a real grenade.

  • Reinier van Oeveren

    No offense but lately I see all these PsD’s that actually totally seem to miss the point of the image. Like was said, “hand” grenade and maybe since it’s MacGyver it’s about using his hands as his weapons. Please, take some care to detect the message behind the image before labeling it as an apparent fail..

    • Dominique

      Thank you… I find myself rolling my eyes at most of these apparent “fails” lately

  • Dominique

    Ummm… This is NOT a fail… MacGuyver was famous for using hairpins, paperclips and bubblegum to get out of every mess you could think of. Because it’s a “hand granade”, I would tend to think that it’s a play on his character and on words. VERY CLEVER actually… O.o

  • marcy

    I agree that the image was intended to be a play on the words “Hand grenade.” But should his hand be that big – it is closer so it should be bigger, but either he has really long arms, or a really small head.

  • Shaun☆翔☆Leitmeyer

    even someone who doesn’t watch MacGyver knows of his ingenuity to make whatever with his hands; making his hands his weapon. PSD, I don’t like that you’ve been posting these nitpicks of bad photoshops. I remember a time when it was actual Name Brand Companies with bad photoshops, not some foreign whatever where they definitely didn’t know photoshop. I’ve even submitted a few US PSDs, and never saw them posted.

    Although the Gwen Stefani picture did redeem yourself a little…although it was that they put the text over her hat, making her head look cropped.

  • Robert Gage-Smith

    I just can’t stop staring at that amazing mullet…

  • Trixie

    There should really be a tag on this site for “This is actually correct”… It’s a… Hand Grenade. Get it? His hand looks like the grenade part you guys are implying the image was missing? Come on guys. This isn’t so much a fail as you guys totally missed the point of the image while looking for faults. Everyone makes mistakes.