Pantene: Expert Collection

Stop twisting my arm Pantene, I’ll try your new shampoo.

Photoshop Disasters

I love when a line of products is labelled “professional,” “expert,” or “high quality,” yet the advertisement for it features a wayward limb or two. The secret Ms. Cox is hinting towards? Low quality-control.

Thanks to the dozen or so reader who have sent this in!

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  • Ben

    Wayward limb or just a trick of perspective and most of her upper arm being covered by her hair?

    Having said that, she’s holding her right hand in a distinctly odd orientation. It’s possible, but very uncomfortable.

    • Miguel Farah

      It could be a trick for her left arm, the the right one is definitely mangled.

  • Brad Greer They didn’t even spell her name right. :-/

    • stella

      Maybe it isn’t Courteney Cox, maybe it is a Courteney Cox look-a-like named Courtney Cox who mangled her arms in a horrible accident.

  • Steven Davis

    Not to mention the “pure people” logo is a c**k and balls. And in this case, it’s flying out of her hair.

    • OurJames

      Coming Soon!

    • Beverly Jenkins

      Better out than in, I suppose. 😉

  • Beverly Jenkins

    Sure, she looks like she has gills, but her hair looks terrific!

  • McFrost69

    Yeah, they did misspell her name (The Iron Maidens guitarist is probably sending them a nasty-gram), but there’s nothing wrong with her arm or her pose. Get a life, people! She has her hands propped on her hips. NOT a PSD.

  • John Craft

    Checkout with a bunch of cool photoshop and photography tips & tricks!