Photoshop Quiz: Caras: Too Much Love?

It’s that time of the month where we post an image that a few of you have sent to us swearing is a disaster! What’s up for debate in the Caras image below is whether or not something crazy is going on with their hands.

Vote below and tell us how you voted in the comments. 

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  • Danny

    His right hand is holding her left hand and his left hand is holding her right hand. Looks fine to me.

    • Jillian

      What you don’t see is the guy in the bottom left corner

    • Chantelle Brodeur

      Agreed. Awkward pose, sure – but not a PSD.

      • Chrysippus

        Look at her right arm, just below the elbow. There’s a smooth, curved upper part which is clearly hers; underneath that, a straight, thicker, hairier part. That arm goes into her right hand, which is wrong, obviously: look at how thick the right wrist is. It’s a man’s arm and hand. Now look at the right hand holding the bloke’s left hand over her chest. It’s smaller and has very neat nails. It’s a woman’s hand. So: The original photo had her right hand holding his left hand over her chest. Maybe this seemed a bit iffy, so they changed it so that his hands hold each other, and so do hers. But they forgot to change the right hand over her chest (should be his, not hers), and the right hand over her belly (should be hers, not his).

  • Travis

    Ya, it looks ok to me. If that flower wasn’t there this image wouldn’t be here.

  • G.

    Her right hand goes 90 degrees up. It might be anatomically possible, but I don’t believe that this is an untampered photo.

    • Amanda

      you can make a 90 angle by bending your wrist….

  • kd

    just bad composition

  • VisteckPro

    Looks like bad composition nothing else.

  • Dyun

    There’s clearly an extra hand in there. How do you miss that???

  • OurJames

    4 hands / 2 people = 0 PSD

    His right hand is clasping her left hand. His right arm goes over her left should and clasps her right hand, which is bent at the wrist. Without the flowers this would be easier to see. Note how the flower makes it seem that their left arms are one arm, but you can see that the part above the flower is smooth and light – hers, but the part below the flower is dark and hairy – his (I hope.) But an editorial misstep because it does look confusing and even wrong, and that takes attention away from the subject(s).

  • James Reinsch

    It… could be legit. I vote someone recreate the picture.

  • Lynne Darroch

    The flower is definitely bending the eye in some weird ways. They look like they were just woken up unexpectedly and ran out into a field, before getting dressed and grooming themselves.

  • Wynn Anne Sibbald

    It’s possible to be a legit photo, but the awkward pose and the coincidental placement of the big flower make me suspicious.

  • JarFil

    Awful composition, no PSD. Still, makes me wonder how such a bad photo wasn’t deleted in-camera, never the less wind up on the front page.

  • Gordon

    I think people are mistaking his stomach (under her right arm) as HIS arm, it is not, it is his stomach.

  • Shaun☆翔☆Leitmeyer

    after the award certificate PSD that wasn’t, I’m wondering if PSD is just putting these up when even they have doubt that it is a PSD. But PSD has been posting a lot of pics that aren’t actually PSDs so, for PSD: when in doubt, don’t post.

    • Beverly Jenkins

      When in doubt, don’t post. Got it. *eye roll*

  • Miguel Farah

    It could be legit, but it would be a rather uncomfortable position for both guys (at the very least, this “Paula” girl should be in pain). The large flower, out of proportion and “strategically” placed makes me think it was added there later to cover a PS mess-up; a good photographer would have certainly NOT allowed it in there…

  • Beverly Jenkins

    I think they added those flowers in the foreground to cover up the female model’s awkwardly bent wrist. Just a bad shot, all around!

  • DaMoNarch

    It’s bad placement of that flower.

  • Pleasant Doom

    I see a badly placed flower. The photographer should have noticed that.

  • ddgiant

    His left arm actually looks wrong to me, how it is coming over her shoulder does not look correct.

  • Alan

    Am I the only one who thinks that the index finger in her left hand and the middle finger in his right arm are way too long?