ROMWE: “low” waist

You and I disagree on what constitutes a “low waist.”

Photoshop Disasters

Bless this photoshop for being swathed in eye-catching red. We may have missed it otherwise. Bonus points to the model for keeping her balance on a very warped wooden floor.

Thanks Markéta. You can see the original on the Romwe site.

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  • Richard

    It’s not a PSD, just an alien acting like a model.

  • Carol

    Those spider-like legs are needed to navigate the wavy floors I think. Geez, lucky they could find a model to suit the location.

  • Akamizdr3am

    Whoever did the liquify on this did horrible. The legs and floor looks all messed up.

  • Pete Farmer

    Take away the girl-pod, and it looks like my first apartment. When I put a marble on the floor, it would never stop rolling.

    • Beverly Jenkins

      Sounds like my first apartment too! My roommates and I used to ask, “Am I drunk, or is the floor crooked?” Usually the answer was, “both.”

  • Zhiva

    Slenderman’s daughter?

  • Bubba

    Defer doesn’t mean disagree.

    • Skeptic

      I think she meant “differ”. 😛

      • Beverly Jenkins

        Yeah, Bryce definitely meant differ. Defer is close, but no cigarette, right? :)

        • B Bladon

          I changed it to disagree. WE CAN ALL GET ON WITH OUR LIVES.


  • OurJames

    Once again I ask “Who passed on this? Who thought women would want to look like this?” This isn’t just grotesque, it’s sick.

  • Ivan


  • gillup

    I thought Burton’s Jack Skellington only wore black. Or is he still trying to impersonate Santa ?

  • richardginn

    Those are stretch pants right that give you the added benefit of super duper long legs right??

  • marcy

    So, was this the result of the boss saying “make her legs look longer” or “move that chair up a bit, I want the room to look bigger” ? Or did the GA just fall asleep (or pass out) while pressing the wrong key?

  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    The entire website is one disaster after another. You’d be hard pressed to find a “normal” photo there.

    • PrairiefireOriginal

      Oh, my god, you’re right. It’s almost as if they are going for a PSD look for their entire website–or they truly have tapped into a modeling agency of nothing but spider-limbed aliens. As I write this, the home page is featuring a model with a seriously dislocated knee joint–straight to the emergency room with her!

  • Kookoo

    “Sorry, the product sold out”
    Wow, maybe these guys are onto something, and this particular disaster contains the secret ingredient that marketers world-wide are searching for. Write it down folks – stretch the legs, distort the floor, and whatever you’re selling will sell out in minutes!

  • Louisa

    The latex gloves and the teeny weeny hands make me think that this isn’t a real person but a mannequin that’s been dressed and posed.