BlackMilk: C-3PNo

This model’s smile comes so close to redeeming one of the worst Star Wars characters, but she blows it by re-enacting the scene in Episode V where C-3PO is haphazardly put back together by Chewie.

Photoshop Disasters

How do you take something pure and wonderful like a woman in a Star Wars-themed swimsuit and ruin it? You start by treating the model’s legs like Barbie-parts that can be added at a deranged Star Trek fan’s discretion.

Thanks Meghan! You can see the original on the BlackMilk site.

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  • Kenzie

    the legs…

  • Skeptic

    The problem is not with the thighs. They were trying to cut off the camel toe. I mean, compare this with the third from the top on the original site. There are a few extra centimeters of bathing suit that are not in this picture.

    Anyway, I thought female circumcision was illegal.

    • B Bladon

      I was going to compliment your observational skills, but… then I realized what you were so acutely observing.

      • Skeptic

        LoL. And now I have to prove to you somehow that I’m a middle aged, straight woman. Sigh.

    • Lukas

      Not a PSD. Check this screen cap from one of their YouTube vids, and she’s not nearly tilting her hips forward as much.

  • Fizay

    oh you did NOT just insult threepio

    • B Bladon

      I’m fluent in over 6 million ways to insult that droid.

  • a.person

    Pretty sure that is real. It’s very common for women to have some extra fat on the upper inner thigh as well as equally common to have a gap between the legs. Maybe you guys forgot how many types of real people there are.