Iran: Not-So-Stealthy

Naturally, the best way to depict a technologically advanced stealth jet is with a bargain basement Photoshop job.


Image source: Khouz News.

Introducing Iran’s fancy new Qaher-313 radar-evading jet, seen here lazily superimposed over a generic photograph of Mount Damavand.  Allegedly.

Photoshop Disasters

More details on BuzzFeed.

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  • Phelps

    In their defense, the jet itself is just a shoddy mock up, so a shoddy PS of the shoddy mock up is entirely appropriate.

  • Mr Crocus

    It could be the 1st pic is real, and they shopped it into the hangar in the second picture. They’re weird like that,

  • Nikunj Bhatt


    1. See the blue light on the rear flaps and the ground floor lights in the 2nd pic. The lights on the flaps are coming from the floor lights.
    2. Also the front wheel is not present in the first pic.
    These 2 things says that the 2nd pic is original.

    I am unable to identify the reflection in the cockpit glass in the first pic.

    • Teranika

      Are you referring to Mr Crocus or Phelps? I think what Mr Crocus wrote, was meant as a joke. 😉

    • Skeptic

      I see the same reflection in the cockpit in both pictures, and it seems to be the reflection of a fluorescent strip from the ceiling.

  • Aldemar Hernández

    No budget for in flight pictures, NO PROBLEM!

  • David Batterbury

    I personally love the lighting from the floor reflected on the engine which is in the first photo as well.

  • richardginn

    This is from IRAN and they would NEVER EVER do something like this. This is a country that is high on integrity…

    • Guest

      You mean like this?

    • Waldobaby

      Like this?

  • Scotty A

    Did they even add a little motion blur on the tail fins? That’s so precious…

  • Skeptic

    I’ve never been any expert on aviation, but I see a rather big storage box, not a wing. And that’s not even photoshop, it’s just a real-life disaster.

    • Joe Seatter

      The wings angle downwards towards the tip. They pretty much took everything that looked cool in an anime, and tried to fake a real plane out of it.

  • bloodybl

    Not to mention that the light reflecting off the back of the jet is clearly tungsten light and not daylight. Or that there’s a neon light source on the front of the jet too, or a blue light on the back which has already been mentioned. But hey, that;s just being tetchy.

  • Chopshop Joe

    Why is the pilot facing backwards in the mountain photo?

  • gfx
  • Lothar

    As I learned on another site reporting about this, the originator of that picture never claimed that picture to be real but to be an illustration made with photoshop. The page using this picture is and Google Translate helps to find the reference: