Jason Wu: My thoughts exactly

I’ll be the first to admit that the inner workings of a woman’s crotch are far from my area of expertise, but Mr. Wu’s expression matches mine when I wonder what’s going on with that thigh.

Photoshop Disasters

What say you, readers? Take a long, hard look at this booty-shorted babe and try to look past the disappointed dude in the middle of the model’s legs. Vote, report your findings in the comments, and keep it (somewhat) wholesome.

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  • elin

    what’s up with his thumb?

  • agustine rivera

    Her leg is not right originally looks like it’s behind him but they use ps to place her leg higher with knee looks horrible

    • OurJames

      But if her leg was behind him, where did they get the pixels to move? It must have come from another shot.

      • agustine rivera

        Of course I just didn’t go into further detail lol I would’ve hoped someone would understand what I meant

  • http://www.facebook.com/s.moktadir Moktadir Çânttüçhdis Shourav

    She must be extra-dimensional 😛 Do the math: Look at her posture and consider her width. Now apply those aspects to where she is. Not to mention, she’s apparently sitting on a < 2 in. ledge.

  • Ziblue

    That’s not just any booty-shorted babe…I thought, “Isn’t that Stephanie Seymour?” And indeed, it is Stephanie Seymour, looking great apart from the extra-jointed leg.

  • belgariontheking

    87 bitches are tarded. Look at her bloody leg.

  • TitaniumSpork

    Nothing wrong… it’s the angle of the shot… plus Stephanie Seymour has really long legs. Here is another shot from the shoot. http://models.com/work/jason-wu-jason-wu-ss-13-1

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=501644963 Janet Cox Tuhey

      But she doesn’t have one thunder thigh.

  • peter

    The knee was pasted in. It might not even be her knee. You can see a bit of sloppy edge work and his mutated ear in the larger version: http://i.models.com/i/db/2013/1/135673/135673-800w.jpg

    But my favorite part is his “thumb”

    • http://twitter.com/bevtastic7 Beverly Jenkins

      Me too. He’s got a flipper hand!

    • http://profiles.google.com/alexfkraus Alex Kraus

      Oh my god, the thumb (or lack thereof)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=501644963 Janet Cox Tuhey

    A good spot for my two cents here. I come to PsD purely for the entertainment. I know zip about photo editing. But at age 61 I’m confidant I know how a real woman is put together, and how the world in general is supposed to look. I’m begging you to leave your rooms more often and see what you’re missing.

    • paris_giovanni@yahoo.com

      A normal woman’s leg doesn’t have a ‘jog’ in it. Also most people’s thumbs are not as wide as the rest of their hand combinded.

      • Chloe

        If you could take a good look at my hands, you’d be surprised.

  • http://www.farah.cl/ Miguel Farah

    Not a PSD! A little known Stephanie Seymour fact is that her ex fiancée Axl Rose was into REALLY kinky stuff and had her leg surgically deformed so she could pull off certain… stunts… in the sack. Later on, every single photo shoot of her has had to cover this up or edited later with PS.

  • James Dominguez

    Thanks for the big pic, Peter. The longer you look at it blown up, the worse and worse it gets. The shadows are wildly inconsistent, the wallpaper is absolutely fucked around many of the edges (her right shoulder is the worst offender), they’ve done some kind of patching work on the couch by his right arm – it’s all fuzzy and weird, and his shadow is missing – and of course the hideous mega-thigh and mega-thumb. This is a fucking disaster from top to bottom. Someone needs to be fired for this.

  • likalaruku

    Left thigh thin, right thigh chunky.
    No shadow on the table where his elbow is.