Jessica Simpson: Nothing Left to Stand On

Jessica Simpson has been accused of getting a bit top heavy since dropping from the A-list, but this is a ridiculous interpretation.

Photoshop Disasters

I always wondered how Simpson supported herself once she stopped appearing in movies and reality television. As it turns out: not well. At least she has a pretty younger sister to lean on.

Thanks Claudia.

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  • jobbeten

    You don’t even make any damn sense. This was lame. Thanks for posting this and I’d like to pat myself on the back for losing a few precious minutes of my life. Unfortunately I could have been beating my head against a wall instead. WHY did I even care?

    • Beverly Jenkins

      ^^ Somebody needs a hug!

    • J Stass

      Is there… sarcasm in that comment? Were you trying to put every possible stupid complaint in a single comment as a statement on stupid comments? I’m going to assume that’s the case because it’s much more awesome and it gives you the benefit of the doubt that you’re being clever. If you are intending to be clever, then kudos!

      • Beverly Jenkins

        I often deal with cry babies by using sarcasm, so yes, I’ll accept your kudos. But thanks for checking. (whoops, more sarcasm!)

        • J Stass

          Uh…. that was directed at jobbeten… not you…

  • fiffi4u

    there are pics out there personal ones that show that she indeed lost her weight.. Photo shopped some but not a lot.. & oh Jessica is the one with the billion dollar empire that many celebs are now trying to copy. YES COPY.. she ain’t no dumb blonde.

  • Karen Mckim

    Losing weight doesn’t usually reduce the length of one’s leg bones and turn them into cartoons.

  • likalaruku

    Oversized torso or freakishly short legs? You be the judge.

  • Fitoteca

    great background :)))) Johny PR at

  • Kyryl

    My main question is who photoshoped quotations out of “Jessica Simpson” in the picture?