SobeFest: Larger-than-life Celebrities

Look, it’s all your favourite larger-than-life celebrities! Literally!

Photoshop Disasters

There’s Paula Deen, twice the size of the men next to her and absolutely towering over the no-names in the background. There would be more jokes here, but I have no idea who white-guy-with-short-hair-in-flannel is. Nor do I know who other-white-guy-with-short-hair-in-flannel is.

Thanks Miranda. You can see the original on SobeFest.

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  • Blu

    If you’d bothered to look at the original site, you’d realise that the 2 men with Paula are her sons..

    • Beverly Jenkins

      Clearly being huge and one dimensional runs in the family, then!

  • stella

    Don’t you guys realize that Paula Deen is a big star! Her sons are big stars too – though not as big as her, obviously. Must be all that butter.

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    This must be the light at the end of the tunnel to hell.

  • Saurio Escritor Polirrubro

    I have no idea who the lady is, too!
    Is she a ventriloquist? This will explain why the pink shirt guy has the size of a ventroliquist dummy and the weird position he is compared to the lady.
    The other guy is her other dummy, of course.

  • JonWatersfan

    The image wasn’t meant to convey that they were in the room, but will be at the upcoming event – buy your tickets now! It wasn’t meant to deceive, it was meant to be an amateurishly poor design. And it was! Success!