Leigh Michaels: Such a Scandal

She knew it was wrong, but it felt oh-so-right as he traced her airbrushed skin with the noodly appendages he calls fingers.

Their skin glowing and their features plastic, the pair indulged in the love that dare not speak its name, mostly because everything in these books is innuendo and clever synonyms for genitalia.

Thanks Kris. The original can be found on Amazon.

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  • Pete Farmer

    Hmm, can you call it a PSD when it’s not supposed to look like a photo?

    • Ipshwitz

      I’m in agreement. I’d say this is more of the illustrator’s fault. not so much a psd.

  • IKLT

    Cant say this is a disaster. It seems it was designed the exact way it was intended.

  • HatetheGame

    These are usually drawings/paintings… so you’re really just kind of being a dick and saying that the artist wasn’t very good…

  • JoWatersfan

    I knew a guy who did romance covers. He started by photographing models in the poses he wanted to see, then created a painting of the poses, not using their real faces, and adding ripped bodices, etc. The failure that I see in this image is that the woman has a body below her waist, but the man is disembodied below his. Nothing bulges suggestively here, which is anathema to the genre. Romance cover failure!