Maidenform: Over the line by a hair

If you have the same hairline as Nicholas Cage, you may want to consider another hairstyle.

Photoshop Disasters

It’s best not to question the logic of photoshopping perfect wind-tunnel hair when trying to sell a tank top. Those are $29.00 tank tops. Logic and hairlines have no place here.

Thanks Abbey. You can see the original masterpiece on the Maidenform site.

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  • Abbey Lynn Hughes

    Not to mention her crazy thighs!

  • Skeptic

    Of course, the top is also photoshopped. If you go to the original site and take a look at the gray top, it will become hilariously obvious that they used a straight horizontal texture.

  • Iheartphotoshop

    Looks like the hair does not normally live in the same room as the model, and the edges of the hair show the characteristic of the Mask Edge – refine radius function that works perfectly only for Russell Preston Brown. Apparently Maidenform isn’t willing to spring for a real masking plug in.