Reaching for the Short-Sighted Future

The future is all lens-flare, thick-rimmed glasses, and spongy breadsticks for fingers.

Photoshop Disasters

I’m not sure what kind of vehicle this is supposed to be, but I know it has something to do with science. You would think that the excess of lab coats would inspire someone here to get laser eye surgery. Maybe if someone here could see clearly, they could diagnose the driver’s right hand.

Thanks Pavig for the find. You can see the original in the Australian.

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  • peaceetc

    E.T.? Is that you?

  • Uyrte!

    Not a PSD. That is a space ship and hand is being distorted by an uneven drive field. Undoubtedly a mild problem with cutting edge tech.

  • James Dominguez

    That’s a new look for Slenderman, isn’t it?

  • Amariah Christopher

    guy’s got ET fingers!!! XD

  • Beverly Jenkins

    I wonder if he’s single….

  • Joseph Mullins

    maybe a little shortsighted but definitely overreaching. Great! Now I have my own personal subway car. All aboard the shit-mobile!

  • Christopher

    It’s called “wide-angle lens”, folks!

  • Miguel Farah

    It’s not just the guy’s hand: the leftmost woman’s head is obviously distorted in the same way (not to mention much bigger), effect of a wide angle lens. Strictly speaking, this is a photography disaster (just by the looks of it, I bet they used a 24mm lens or even wider)… but Photoshop should have been used as well to proportionally compress back the image.

  • I_loathe_disqus

    Not a photo shop disaster: The guy’s hand/arm is meant to look that way, as the viewer is supposed to understand he is an alien masquerading as a human. It’s part of the whole sf/high tech/futuristic thing they have going on. I’m not being sarcastic here-I really do think they meant to “do that”. His hand just looks like that of too many humanoid aliens I’ve seen in movies for me to believe it’s an unintentional mistake, and not an homage.