Quiz: Rihanna Kate Moss: Too Many Already?

We’ve received this steamy photo of Rihanna and Kate Moss a ton of times over the last two days and we aren’t sure whether Thing has made a return or not. Make sure and look closely and drop us a comment as to what might have happened.

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  • Ash

    The hand on Rihanna’s boob can’t be one of her or Kate. It could be someone else’s hand, but according to the tattoo on it, it’s supposed to be Rihanna’s one. Which is clearly impossible with that arm position.. Big photoshop fail. Counting hands isn’t enough guys..

    • Ash

      Okay, I messed with Kate’s leg, my mistake. Not a disaster.

  • Hobb

    What looks like Rihanna’s upper arm is actually Kate Moss’s calf. I’d like to think they were aiming for the optical illusion, but it seems more likely that the photographer just didn’t take the big white V into account.

    • Ben

      Good point. I looked at it, mistook Kate’s leg for Rhianna’s body (the big white semi-transparent V disguising the join) and thought it was a disaster. Then I read your comment and saw the proverbial light – not so much PSD or composition disaster, but unfortunate placement of the big white V.

      • thewolfkin

        I would think the ‘V’ is part of the consideration you take when composing a photo though. I assume this magazine has that same logo on all the covers. Should have shot the idea from a different angle.

    • geeeque

      the photographer wouldn’t really unless they had a mask at the shoot and i highly doubt they did. it’s the graphic designer’s fault. playing devil’s advocate: it’s amazing what you can miss when you are on deadline!

  • Skeptic

    More auto shop than photoshop. My grandad used to have pictures like this hanging in his shop. He was a car mechanic, they do that.


    Designer tried to make the picture sexy so what he did was showing Kate’s thigh and Rihanna’s hand on it and didn’t think about it. Another thing is Kate should have shown her hand insteal of hiding it behind Rihanna’s shoulder. Not a disaster but ya bad editing.

    • http://twitter.com/bevtastic7 Beverly Jenkins

      That’s what I thought too.

  • ISD

    It’s a leg, not an arm.

    • OurJames

      I think that it you have to explain that some thing is a woman’s leg, not her arm, there is some sort of disaster….

  • Shalala

    If you bothered to google the full image you ‘d see its not a fail..

  • J.D.

    My question is: how come their skin colour be so similar one can actually mix up their limbs? My question is also rhetorical.

    • thewolfkin

      a friend of mine once said Beyonce’s team does a really good job of making her look racially ambiguous. Rihanna’s team ain’t bad either.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1224859879 Saurio Escritor Polirrubro

      A good point to stopping being racist. Both ladies are brownish pale light orange (as all humans are, some more pale, some more brown, some in between)

    • Phyllistine

      I’m sure some areas of skin color were retouched, because generally ANY two people’s skin colors are distinguishable, but even in this image, Kate is mostly much paler except for her forearms. Darker forearms is a pretty common thing among light-skinned people who get any sun at all whilst fully dressed, though I thought fashion models were generally about avoiding or correcting odd tanned spots. So, anyhow, her forearms are a closer match to the rest of Rihanna than the rest of Kate is.

  • thewolfkin

    it’s like when you see the duck and you can’t see the rabbit anymore.. that’s how this picture looks to me. Now that I’ve seen the body lines correctly I can’t see how I used to be confused at this picture. But I remember how it felt and this really shouldn’t have been green lit by the cover designer.

  • Gabi Garcia

    i think there’s a man standing behind rihanna…. otherwise that’s just dang scary!

  • Fire

    I thought Riri’s skin was way darker than Moss’s…

    Apart from that, there seems to be the right amount of arms and legs, but Kate’s right thigh is at an odd angle.

  • JonWatersfan

    Breath-taking composition. Really, I can’t breathe!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=709110882 Karen McKim

    When I perceive Kate’s leg correctly, I’m left wondering how Rhianna’s right arm can be operational when connected to nothing but a flat, two-dimensional shoulder.

  • aphoenixhour

    There’s a third body in there for sure, you can see it behind Rihanna’s bottom left