Samsonite: iDiv-aaaaaaaaaah

With a hand like that, I wonder what those oversized glasses are hiding.

Photoshop Disasters

The Samsonite iDiva bag can carry all your essentials, provided those essentials fit in the palm of your hand and your hand is the size of an avocado. It can carry a lot of avocados, is what I’m saying.

Thanks Dave! The original was found on iDiva (image link)

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  • stella

    Hey, tanned women with withered arms and pasty white hands deserve modeling jobs too.

  • Pete Farmer

    Fearing complications from silicone implants, she convinced her doctors to use arm tissue for the augmentation procedure.

  • Paul Wirtz

    Hands, she has hands? I never made it that far down….

  • Waldobaby

    You know that bag was never there either, don’cha?

  • luckysnags

    Just a bit of polio, is all.

  • Beverly Jenkins

    She’s like a T-Rex. A sexy T-Rex.

  • Metafosforico

    Glad to see those mutant folks from mars making to the ad industry.