Virgin Radio: Handsy Fellas

There’s nothing wrong with a pair of guys getting handsy.

Photoshop Disasters

The poster next to the men sums up my thoughts on this disaster. Either the bearded gentleman has some tantric skills, or someone got sloppy in the editing room.  What troubles me is that the effort to Photoshop this must be equal to removing that inexplicable hand on hip.

Thanks NotLikeNormalPeople. You can see the original on the Jezebel site.

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  • Guest

    Sorry, no PSD here. John Penotti was behind Peter Farrelly, as you can see in this sequence:

  • viOlator

    Sorry, no PSD Here.

  • jdm8

    Imagine working hard to fix yourself a better photo and ending with a worse photo than what you started with. Almost like they shouldn’t be bothering in the first place.

  • ISD

    Think we’re going for quantity over quality.

  • Juan

    Quite disappointed by some recent PSD that are in fact just a bad interpretation of the picture and not a bad photoshop usage.

  • Ms Deadite

    Wow, I think the whole reason we have PSD disasters is people have no practical photography background. You can tell in the picture someone is hiding behind them, hence the awkward posing. Step is up psdiasters, you disappoint me. Why would ANYONE photoshop a stupid red carpet photo??? What a waste of my time. Can you refund me the minute I wasted on this? I make $200 an hour….

    • Waldobaby

      Yeppers, some people think Photoshop is used in every photo ever.

  • Ratava

    Nothing to see here. Move along.

  • just someone

    “The” bearded gentleman?