Tight fit

A bride will often shed a few pounds to fit into her wedding dress, but rarely do they go this far to tighten their waistline.

Photoshop Disasters

Remember ladies, a lot of dresses have a train that follows the bride as she walks down the aisle. The use of stilts to make the dress fall evenly to the floor is discouraged. It’s also hilariously dangerous – which are the two adjectives that I hope describe my special day.

Thanks Lee. You can see the original on InWeddingDress.

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  • droidcutie

    her head lol

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    There is a slim chance that marriage might work

  • marcy

    Her left arm looks like they stole it off a Barbie.

  • ricks


  • teleromeo

    Looks ok to me, she is standing on a ladder or walking on stilts.

  • likalaruku

    At first I thought she just really needed a cheeseburger, then I noticed that her head was just freakishly large.

  • Zedsta Rymes

    I dont think its a disasters. Most women who try on wedding dresses stand on a box. N she is just pietet.