Alibaba: Chunky Children

What’s being advertised here – the ‘pool,’ the flotation device, or a winking pile of baby flesh?

Photoshop Disasters

More questionable than this standing bath tub (that’s the most practical use I can fathom) is that there is a child seemingly abandoned in it. Is it weird because it’s out of context, or is it weird because the child was inexplicably photoshopped in a semi-public area for no reason?

Thanks Johnathan for the find. You can see the original BizRace

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  • Casimir Couvillion

    I like that there are three watermarks to keep you from stealing this fine example. Although, to be fair, the Chinese one may only be on the background image. That’s not counting the PS Disasters one.

  • Waldobaby

    OK, we have a lethally deep pool full of water that doesn’t bulge the sides of this cheap thing, but it’s about to spill forward and give thispoor kid a bloody nose, Nothing awkward here; nothing at all.

    @casimir: 4

  • Don Kenner

    There must be a hole in the clouds, as only the “bath tub” is casing a shadow.

  • Spillage66

    Read the i nstructions! As bad as the graphics!!!
    “3 .Attention :

    A. Bay swims one time per day and 10 – 20 mints each time,please do it after meal hour.

    B. Only under the doctors guidance or professional peoples training, the families can help the

    baby swim.

    C. Please check the neck ring when using it, not to be too looses or tight .

    D. The water depth filled with in pool must comply with the standard that the babysoles do

    not touch the bottom of the the pool when swimming

    E. The water temperature must be 36~38, when filling in pool with water, in order to keep the

    water temperature consistent up and down.

    F. When baby is swimming, there must be someone take care of the baby .”

    • Waldobaby

      It’s Alibaba, a wholesale import site having no truck with consumers.That translation seems good enough to get the job done since the buyer will put her own warning sheets into the boxes of the two or ten thousand units she orders.

  • Ben

    Not only is the image a disaster, the source advert (which appears to indicate the pool and swim ring are both included in the package) is a brilliant example of “Lost in translation” – a hilariously bad attempt at translation into English, including this prime example from the manual:

    A. Bay swims one time per day and 10 – 20 mints each time,please do it after meal hour.

    Presumably polo mints aren’t included…

  • Pete Farmer

    I don’t think the Consumer Product Safety Commission is going to be happy with this one.

  • OurJames

    I can’t get over my impression that Baby is floating inside an enormous iced doughnut.

  • EliyahuBenYisroel

    It also seems to have been photographed on a distant planet where the laws of gravity no longer apply, allowing the water to remain on a sloped plane without spilling.