SPIEGEL: Big Man on Campus

Sometimes I feel like instructors love to look down on their students.

Photoshop Disasters

There’s a lot of facial hair in that computer lab, considering the wall-coverings clearly intended for adolescents. The most believable thing about this disaster? I’m 90% sure the nearest computer is open on Facebook.

Thanks Posadowsky. You can see the original on Spiegel.

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  • speising

    well it’s about a game company, so childishness is part of the job description. also, where is there an instructor in the picture?

    also also, are you opposed to companies hiring hobbits?

  • Bob Garwood

    They make facebook games, among other things. And I just checked and my desk height is just above my knee and I’m 6’0″ From a quick google search of images of the CEO of that firm it looks like he’s a rather tall guy. So, I’m not at all convinced this is photoshopped.

    • Waldobaby

      If the fat guy is six feet tall, the little Hobbit would be about four feet tall if he were to smurfingly stand up. SOMEBODY does not belong in this pic.

  • Tom Brickhouse

    The mural on the wall is what they create, video games for children. Google “Wooga”. I don’t think it is a PsD

  • marcy

    Weird, the size of the heads of the two standing guys looks in proportion to their bodies and in proportion to the heads of the sitting guys. Yet the standing guys look way too tall. So are they really tall or average height, but with abnormally small heads?

  • Amalia

    You have to read the explanation of the photo first. Is not a school, they are video games designers.

  • rot-

    Take a look on the ground between/behind them. I guess they’re just standing on some other beverage crates.