Bostik: Winning Smile

It looks like someone got their adult set of teeth a lot sooner than most.

Photoshop Disasters

As a result of my less-than-fruitful interactions with the opposite sex, I know a fake smile when I see one. A working set of eyes tell me the miniaturized iPad and oversized hand may not be legitimate either.

Thanks Jono. You can see the original on Bostik Australia’s Facebook page.

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  • jdm8

    Why does a walrus have an iPad?

    • Peter Graybeal

      It was compensation for his lost bukkit.

  • stella

    I suppose one can argue (and I suppose more than one probably will) that the huge smile was intentional and therefore not a PsD. However, even if it were intentional, they did a disasterous job of it. The smile is too blurry.

    And, although I could see why they would make a huge smile on purpose, I can’t fathom a reason for making the iPad so small – another reason to call it a PsD (the hand could be explained by the whole objects-closer-to-the-camera-appear-larger theory).

  • Beverly Jenkins

    Something tells me this kid’s house is located under some big power lines.

  • Vic Barton-Wälderstadt

    Why am I thinking of a graveyard?

  • Stephen Macklin

    I have to agree with stella’s description of intentionally but poorly done for effect. Also if you’re going to give away an iPad Mini, don’t try to fake it by scaling down and an image of an iPad.

  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    This is why kids get bully in school.

  • sackes

    Worst disaster is that he’s holding an iPad…