SAUNA: Don’t Forget to Bring a Towel

You know you’ve been in the sauna too long when your legs start melting.

Photoshop Disasters

A topless model covering herself with… something… can’t make up for the lazy cloning and lack of shadows in this image. Twenty points to the first reader who can tell me what kind of hat she’s wearing. Or why she accentuates it with an oven mitt.

Thanks for the find Wrzoo. You can see the original on Allegro.

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  • Skeptic

    The product being sold is a traditional set of sauna garments – hat, glove and towel/rug. The hat is suppose to protect the head from overheating and protect the hair. The towel is to cover your seat. As for the glove – it protects the hands from temperature changes.

  • River Jai

    The green stuff she’s holding to cover herself up with is probably supposed to be birch branches. In Finland they brush/beat the skin with them to stimulate circulation during sauna. In this case, she just looks like a spinach hoarder.

    • Beverly Jenkins

      Good point! I wondered why anyone would bring their green and leafies into the sauna with them.

  • OurJames

    “Vague, ephemeral bags of something that seem to float in mid-air, and askew, shadowless sauna accoutrements in the lower right, I salut you! You have given me birch branches to maintain my modesty, and given my leg the power to penetrate wood! A more stylish hat cannot be imagined! And my oven mitt prepares me for any kitchen emergency! O, Brave new world of floating, shadowless, interpenetrating and fading to invisibility objects! I am equipped for any duty that may be required!”

  • Delpino

    If it’s Russian/Ukrainian the leaves could be stinging nettles as well.

  • stella

    Wait a second – we get points?

  • lee

    ((**fainting**)) The white bells on the side look like tampons that have opened up due to moisture.

  • torombolo crapulinsk

    the green thing she is holding apears to be dry nopales

  • torombolo crapulinsk

    or could the green thing be agave tequilana?

  • ixache

    Wow! So many cut’n’pastes in this picture! Poland, the new wonderland of PSDs

  • Crafty Coding

    I’m guessing it’s supposed to be birch branches. Looks like this was originally a picture of a man in the sauna (men wear that kind of towel around their waist) and then they changed the top half and did something weird to his legs to try and make him look like a woman.

  • Aleksandra Wrzosek

    Yippee, my own PSDisaster. I can die in peace now. :)

  • Yoyo

    I think the hat is a flying nun hat and if you enlarge the photo I think you see a nip!

  • Empress Lockness

    This is like a really bad version of The Philadelphia Experiment.

  • Javier de Miguel

    Oh man, what a laugh.. Wherever you look it’s a mess