Eddie Bauer: Artificial Fit

Every fit is a perfect fit when it’s photoshopped.

Photoshop Disasters

The irony is that a poor photoshop can make a well-fitting pair of jeans seem out of place. The trick to  a perfect fit? Watch the stitching, mind the hem, and avoid liberal use of cut and paste.

Thanks Cara. The original was found in an Eddie Bauer newsletter email.

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  • Jonathan H

    And the disaster here is what exactly?

    • Andulamb

      You’ve got me. But I’m sure an expert will come along shortly to point out the suspicious pixel that is proof of PS trickery.

    • stella

      Well, I am no expert…but if you look closely at the 15th tree from the left, the 23rd branch from the bottom on the left side looks like the GA just copied the 14th branch from the bottom on right side of the 12th tree from the right. And I have counted four pieces of gravel that look exactly the same – gravel quadruplets – one just behind her right foot, one under the L in Truly, one to the right of the tallest rock, and one under the left rear tire.

    • becky davis

      The jeans are very very flat…. someone most likely tried to cut them out and color them a different wash but they forgot to leave even the slightest dodge/burn, highlight/shadow. Its subtle enough that they can get away with it, but it does look off, even the darkest washed jeans with the most velvety or flat finish would have some highlights. Meh…something that would bother a few and most wouldn’t notice.

      • Andulamb

        I suspect what some see as artificial “flatness” is the result of image compression. The pants are dark, and the variations in the color are subtle. Image compression has turned similar colors into larger blobs of the same color, making the pants look flat. I just copied the image into PS and adjusted the contrast, and there is more gradation in the top half of the pants than can be seen with the naked eye. The leg on the left (her right leg) is darker on the right than the left, and the leg on the right is lightest in the front. It isn’t anywhere close to being a flat as it appears to the naked eye, but there are blocks of solid color due to image compression. It’s just a very dark pair of pants.

  • OurJames

    Um, no.

  • Deus Ex Vino

    It actually looks like pretty good psjob, with reflexions, shadows and what looking believable.

  • Nicky Karn

    In my eyes, it’s the fact that if you take a look at the top half of the womans clothes they look perfectly natural, the folds, the colour. If you look at the jeans it’s either that they’ve cut and pasted the jeans on her, or they’ve been adjusted on the outline and flattened the colouring, like they’ve taken all the colour out of the jeans.

    • Jean Poole

      Yes – and they’ve forgotten the reflection in the bumper (Dracula jeans, maybe?). That right hand looks a bit odd too.

      • Andulamb

        The bumper is reflective, but it’s not a mirror. The top edge of the bumper to the right of the woman is darker than it is elsewhere. That’s her reflection.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michelle.line Michelle Line

    Poor color choice. Flat, two-dimensional. But dont see any PS issues. Water is good. Grill on truck is right…