Forever 21: Flat-bottomed girl

The fashion world won’t be satisfied until it takes its pound of flesh from everyone in the industry.

Photoshop Disasters

The lengths women will go to in order to fit into jeans is truly terrifying. Shock diets and shaved flesh are one thing – but when you start to ruin butts, we have a problem.

Thanks Casey. You can see the original on the Forever 21 site.

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  • peaceetc

    Sir Mix-A-Lot would not be happy with this. Not at all.

    • Beverly Jenkins

      Exactly. His anaconda don’t want none.

  • Chris

    If you enlarge the photo you can see blue pixels left from where the pants didn’t get erased completely.

  • stella

    What woman would buy pants taht made her look like that?

  • Dave Thompson

    Actually – I have photographed models who have no rear end, shaped like that. Stick-figure girls who need to eat more!

    • Kookoo

      Really? A thigh that abruptly and inexplicably disappears into “no-butt”? I’d think a stick-figure model wouldn’t have had that thigh there.

      • Kate Johnson

        Really. It’s not THAT uncommon. Thin girls who are flabby without any tone.

        • Kookoo

          Gosh, I’m glad I’m not a photographer, I’d be scarred for life.

  • Sandy Thompson

    But that was the best part!

  • Elizabeth

    Wow. How did *that* escape an art director’s notice? Not only is the Photoshop work laughable but the “anti-curve” message is unacceptable. It’s one thing if a model’s body is naturally stick-thin, but the need to (literally) erase what little body fat these girls possess is out of control.

  • Kate Johnson

    It’s bad, but there are quite a few slat-thin (tweakers, mostly) women who actually DO look like this in this are of Pennsylvania. (South Eastern, aka, the bottom right corner.)