GAP: Mind the GAP

Don’t you hate it when you’re out with the fellas, just skipping along, and Chad accidently elbows your hand into fleshy paste?

Photoshop Disasters

I’m struggling to choose between a joke about being stuck in the middle, or a joke about being dealt a bad hand – so instead, let’s all just have a laugh about the GAP trying to make three grown men skipping look cool.

Thanks Gareth. The original was an email newsletter from Gap.

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  • Scottland

    Um, what am I not seeing here? something about a hand??

    • Raya Brady

      The guy in the middle has ghost hands, if the guy in the front’s elbow is any indication. The elbow just goes right through.

      • Janet Cox Tuhey

        I was thinking it looks more as though the middle guy’s wrist has been flattened and folded where the elbow touches it.

  • Andulamb

    I know I’m not the first person to say this, but some of these submissions are really nitpicky. You do realize that part of the second guy’s arm is behind the other guy’s elbow, right? At the point where their arms theoretically meet, there’s room for the one guy’s wrist. Their arms are colliding, is all. They shouldn’t be, of course. It’s supposed to look like three guys skipping (God knows why), not a mosh pit.

  • Waldobaby

    Since it’s obvious that this pic was built from three separate pieces, the hand is definitely a PSD, but otherwise IRL it could be just a squished elbow jab. The disaster is in the landing about to happen.

    Nowhere in that ad do they say they’re marketing this affective crap to men. Add a scarf to one of them and this would be perfect.

    • Janet Cox Tuhey

      The feminization of men from the fashion industry – clothes only the designers themselves would wear. Even my extremely effeminate gay friends don’t like it. I don’t want to see any men in any of it either. I like the look. For me.

  • marcy

    It is not skipping, it is synchronized jogging.

  • J.B.

    The midsection of the third guy looks strange, especially the right edge of his shirt.

  • OSHA

    The true fail in this is the choice of models. Could you make them look any more gay?