North Korea: Hovercraft Clone Wars

Keen-eyed observers noticed something odd about this propaganda photo released by North Korean officials on Tuesday.  It seems they tried to make a recent military training drill look a bit more impressive with a little help from our friend, the clone tool.


 (Original photograph courtesy of KCNA via KNS/AFP/Getty Images)



This certainly isn’t the first time a government agency has used Photoshop to pump up their photos, and it definitely won’t be the last, but it does make you wonder how they think they’ll get away with something like this in today’s day and age. Don’t they know we at PS Disasters live for this stuff?

Many thanks to Laurent for the tip, and to The Guardian for the enhanced images.

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  • viOlator

    Aren’t they expected to be equal?

    • Beverly Jenkins

      Aren’t what supposed to be equal?

      • viOlator

        The hovercrafts. Besides, the reflections on the skirts are different.

        • Skeptic

          No, they are not. Look at the distance between the reflection and the equipment on top of it. The bottom of the skirt has not been copied over, and its left side has been cut off as well.
          Yes, a military force that has hovercraft would probably have many *identical* hovercrafts. However, the spray on their port side would not be identical. The reflections would not be identical, and their angle of view would not be identical.

          • viOlator

            I see.

  • Sam Pavlov

    useless article

    • Beverly Jenkins

      Useless comment. So we’re even.

      • Sam Pavlov

        you’re so self-critical

    • Rep. T. Bagger (R-TX)


      • Beverly Jenkins

        I know, right? Alert the media! hahaha

  • Shaun☆翔☆Leitmeyer

    The hovercraft on the right is missing part of the front end. I wonder which CS they’re using…unless it’s preCS

  • Adriano Beidacki

    Iran already have this cheat in the past with multiplying missiles lanched to more numbers! This work show us one thing, the military powers of North Korea are based in fear, not in reality!

  • Andulamb

    I wasn’t a believer at first, but I’ve overlayed them in Photoshop and yep, they’re clones. The port side spray is the same. And the orientation of the hovercrafts is identical, which isn’t possible in the real world. And of course there’s the way the front of one just fades away.

  • yandoodan

    Not a disaster. My girlfriend can do that.

  • Ronald Rogers

    Is this how N. Korea keeps the spirit high? huh