Polska: Some Story

Poland seems eager to have tourists tell their story, but I’m not sure how compelling the tale of the evening wear by the river will turn out to be.

Photoshop Disasters

Poland could have probably been a bit more imaginative in their touristry campaign than an inexplicable cut and paste. And if you’re going to laze by the river in a dress, you can at least do it in proportion to the people passing in canoes.

Thanks Heidi. You can see the original on the Polska Facebook site.

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  • http://snowrollersden.blogspot.com Nicewriter

    That bridge or jetty she is sitting on looks suspicious as well.

  • OurJames

    In Polska my story would have a slightly nightmarish quality about it. She looks like she’s half off the dock–what’s her left hand resting on? She and the dock make the man in the boat look tiny. I think he’s really there, because he has a really good and intricate reflection. Then the conceptual level: who on earth is she and why is she sitting precariously on a wooden dock, staring off into space? Was she at a glamorous daytime ball in her brand new gown (which songbirds and chipmunks helped her sew) when a Polish count (whom she has secretly been in love with but she’s just a commoner so it seemed hopeless) kissed her and she ran down to the river to collect her thoughts and savor the moment? Yeah, that sounds about right. Does he really lover her? What will his parents think? Has he mistaken her for someone else? Will the man in the canoe shoot the prince as a way of fomenting a revolution of the working classes to rise up to oppose the landed aristocracy? Stay tuned for next week’s episode of “A story… of Poland.”

    • stella

      Maybe she doesn’t have a left hand, maybe she just has realy good balance :)

  • Andulamb

    “In proportion”? You do realize she’s in the foreground and the boats are in the background, right? Yes, it’s a cut-and-paste job, but it’s no disaster.

    • http://twitter.com/bevtastic7 Beverly Jenkins

      Seriously? She’s teetering on the edge of the dock, seemingly on thin air. And where’s her left arm?

  • azawakh

    This is not a fake

  • le.freak

    the people are cutouts and the scenery was made with bryce.