Quiz: Victoria’s Secret: Va-Va-Voom

Just when we thought Victoria’s Secret might have got their design department in order they go and do something like this. The image below we think might just be a disaster, don’t those  hips look very odd?

Photoshop Disasters

I don't think

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Thanks Sarah for the find. You can see the original on the VS site.

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  • ogingras

    Strange difference between the two legs size …

  • Skeptic

    The problem is not the hips – it’s the waist above them that’s got pushed way over to the left.

    The bit of leg under the skirt also got pushed to the left. It used to have the same width as the other leg, I bet.

    • markwilliamz

      Nah I don’t think that’s right. If you follow the leg from the lower bit that’s bared and follow the curvature you’ll see that the hip is abnormally straight. The girl is what us Caribbean folk call marga i.e. meagre – well skinnyand the width of the shoulders is what gives it away.

  • ixache

    “There’s anthing wrong here” ?

    Obviously so.

    • Skeptic

      I think the results of the survey are skewed, because many people made the same mistake you did (or maybe you didn’t and you’re just joking).

      Many don’t notice that the survey begins with the words “I don’t think”, which makes the choices “I don’t think I’ve seen hips like these before” and “I don’t think there’s anything wrong here”. Without the “I don’t think”, the choices are both ungrammatical and are opposite to what they are supposed to mean…

      • ixache

        And there’s also the typo, which adds to the confusion: “anything” or “nothing”?

        Thank you for spelling it out, and better than I could have done.

    • Typo Kid

      Speling to start with! Hee hee!

  • sackes

    “I’ve seen hips like these before” – On VS 😉

  • JAM

    …the hips are not the problem…but take a look at the part of the legs that is showing….the leg on the right side of the picture…this is a psd

  • Raffle the Wonder beinging

    There is no way you could stand like that with straight legs. I tried. Also, that hand looks weird.

  • Dominique

    Bleah. Does anyone think this person is WAY too skinny? … Either that, and I don’t mean any disrespect, but she looks like a he trying to be a she.

  • http://www.facebook.com/trinalilly Trina Lillian Lamarche

    Why does SHE look like a HE?

  • Silvyah

    Her right side of her body (left for us) is made longer. Her arm was left untouched, and her elbow is way too high for natural proportions. Your elbow should touch the upper bones of your hip. But here, it’s not even getting past her ribs. Also her bum is made bigger.

  • cath

    Not a PSD if she’s a centaur 😉

  • Penny Hammack

    I’m with you skeptic. Even severe scoliosis couldn’t couldn’t create a spine shaped like this.

  • M

    She seems to have a very skinny left leg compared to her right as well ….



  • jannerbird

    Horrendous mis-use of blur tool to hide reshaping of right boob too. There’s bad fuzzy all over her inner right upper arm area. Yikes. :(

  • laiderpati

    there anything wrong here, not only the hips, I never had seen that one leg it’s more biggest than other one in the same person.

  • stephanos

    I don’t think… I really care if it’s been ps’d or not! I still would do her!