SFX: Who said anything about sex?

Who’s to blame for SFX suddenly being replaced by SEX magazine?

Photoshop Disasters

As popular as Doctor Who is, skyrocketing sales of SFX magazine this month have little to do with the good doctor. The look from Jenna-Louise Coleman suggests she may know what’s up with that.

Thanks Elizabeth. The original can be found in the March 2013 edition of SFX magazine.

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  • http://twitter.com/GaspardWinckler Joe McNally

    Er, they’ve been doing this about once every four issues for eighteen years now.

    • http://twitter.com/EllaSalmon EllaSalmon

      Not to mention the fact that they make jokes about that all the time.

  • thr0b

    SFX has always played on the visual resemblance to “SEX” – it’s meant to stand out on the shelves and draw attention. It’s not a disaster – it’s a deliberate design decision that works and helps to sell copies.

  • stella

    Are you saying that the PsD is that the bottom part of the F is blocked by her head so that someone could think SFX is SEX? The bottom part of the F is a right angle and the top is curved. So if it was an E the bottom would be curved so there isn’t an “oops, we photoshopped an E behind her head.” Now if the bottom were curved and we could see part of the lower leg of the E to the right of her face, I might go along with the whole it is really an E thing. But they are not, so I don’t.
    However, her face looks odd and I don’t think he is really holding his lapel, so this could be a PsD, just not the one you are implying.

  • le.freak

    she knows that he’ll ram the cattle prod he’s holding up to her privates once the photoshoot is over.

  • http://www.farah.cl/ Miguel Farah

    Guys, never mind the “SFX” title. What is wrong with that woman’s face? She looks like a common sole whose eye has begun migrating to the other side of the face.

    The true PSD is either messing with her face OR failing to fix it.

    • Firenze

      True. They both look like aliens.

      • Olivia

        In all fairness, the Doctor IS an alien. 😉

  • sam

    Agreed, this is not a PSD, it is intentional, that’s why the F in SFX has that little curve half way to make it more like an E. They mention it many times in the magazine

  • MJ Simpson

    I was part of the team which launched SFX. We never gave any thought to the possibility that people would think it looked like ‘SEX’, but we got letters about it after issue 1, and issue 2, and every damn issue. And all the writers thought they were the first to think of this. I don’t know how it is now but in the first three years (1995-8) we never once designed the cover to deliberately look like ‘SEX’. It was just unavoidable sometimes.

    • Your mother