Volaris: What a keeper

This pair of women don’t seem particularly difficult to score on. And I don’t think this guy understands how the game is played at all.

Photoshop Disasters

Say what you will, but a disaster this flagrant takes a giant set of balls. Failing that, a single oversized ball should suffice.

Thanks David. You can see more of these great disasters on the Volaris site.

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  • Skeptic

    Caption comments:

    1. Er, what women? You gave only one PSD. The one with the women is in the link, but why caption something which is a link away?

    2. Granted, it’s a PSD, but not because the guy doesn’t know how the game is played. I think he is supposed to be the goalkeeper, and if so, he can use his hands as much as he wants to go after the ball.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1224859879 Saurio Escritor Polirrubro

      You are right… but you are wrong. The goalkeeper isn’t supposed to be facing the net and with an idiot grim when the rival team has just scored a goal.
      BTW, where is the rival team? Or the defence?

      Not only a PSD. It’s a concept disaster. Football (I won’t call it “soccer”, the name of the sport is “football”, no matter how Americans call their “rugby for sissies”) isn’t played that way.

  • Sarah

    They set up a green screen outside a soccer match where you could take your picture as a goalie for free. It’s not a PSDisaster, it’s just a software that works well depending on the person posing.

  • marcy

    Soccer is not my thing, but shouldn’t he be trying to keep the ball from going in, instead of trying to block it from going out?

  • OurJames

    It’s is a true PSD. The man, ball and net are all cut-outs. Look at the netting in the goal, and most obviously, the man’s right thigh. Jaggies! The ball, strangely, looks as if the net penetrates it at the top. It also looks as though they blurred the ball at the top. I can’t imagine why, except perhaps because there was some mismatch between the ball and the net when the net was shot separately. He also looks like he’s lit by flash, which adds to the artificiality.