Maria Birta: Bottom’s Up

Ever see a lady in a dress without a back and wonder where it stops? Yeah, this is that lady.

Photoshop Disasters

The inexplicable lens flare doesn’t really distract from the stomach width that’s reminiscent of a leather-wrapped slice of flesh. Oh well – at least she has a horrifying career in belly-dancing to fall back on.

Thanks Ólafur. You can see the original on Maria Birta’s Facebook.

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  • OurJames

    It looks like she was leaning against something to attain that pose, then they just erased it.

    • Skeptic

      Yeah, but they insisted of erasing a little bit more of the waist than the leather top – see that little step between them? It would have been bad enough without that…

  • Damon Blackheart

    Her left hand looks like it belongs to a dead corpse.

    • CathyK

      Agree. It’s bizarre considering how over ‘shopped everything is.

    • Beverly Jenkins

      Oh wow, I was so distracted by that non-existent mid section that I didn’t even noticed the corpse hand….

  • Skeptic

    Oh wow. The reason she is doing the shoot in that pose is that if she stood up, she’d snap in two. Poor woman.