Don’t Resist: A Three-Parter

For only one-and-a-half Euros, you too can be the subject of a confusing Photoshop disaster.

Photoshop disasters

This disaster was submitted without any indication of what it’s actually trying to sell. My French can pick out something at the bottom that suggests “for your health…” but where the statement goes from there is likely a warning against dismemberment – though “trop sucre” in the bottom right means too much sugar, so I guess it’s warning against dismemberment and diabetes?

Let’s hear what you think this disaster is trying to accomplish.

Thanks Phil.

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  • Tiloup

    the sentence is a warning against obesity : “Do not eat too fat, too sweet or too salty”

  • Volodia

    This Statement is mandatory on every food related ad in France. Regarding text on the right hand side, it should be about chocolate tablet.

  • TMI

    “La tablette de 200 [grammes] soit 7,50€ le [kilo] Prix maximum indica[tif]” translates to “200g the slab, 7.50€/kg, maximum target price”. Chocolate is sold by 200g slabs. Bottom sentence is legally mandatory on every food ad by the French health national institute.
    Does not look like a disaster to me, rather intentional, this campaign plays a lot on the 2nd degree.

  • Zorglub

    You’re right guys, it’s an ad for chocolate from the E.Leclerc supermarket brandmark.

    the picture :
    The blond (Amélie Etasse) is rather famous for other ads, second degree… , , etc.

    • ixache

      Oh, I like your second link, which introduces her character as a “blonde potiche”. For our dear French-impaired readers, that is akin to an “airhead bimbo”—if that’s not too much of a pleonasm.

  • Frolicfrog

    You forgot the main message : “1,50€ but I resist”… and yes, in France we are able to resist… 😉 … and this explains why we have still have slim people… :-)

    • Waldobaby

      You can resist, but she’s torn…

      • ixache

        Well, them French ladies cannot resist as much as the French macho men, obviously. That’s why they have to tie her to keep her hands off the chocolate.

        Ummm, chocolate… My preciousss!

        Big 😉 of course…

        • Waldobaby

          Why would a man want a woman like that to keep her hands off of his chocolate, if that’s what they’re calling it these days?

  • beem-o-h

    “For just one euro fifty, you too can be hadokened by a nervous-looking woman/rubik’s cube nhybrid.”

  • Guest

    That’s funny, I thought French Women Don’t Get Fat

    • Frolicfrog

      I can tell you, they don’t!

      • ixache

        Except when they do.

        And the men also.

        Hence the mandatory statement.

  • Kris Hepner

    Great idea, let’s ridicule something we don’t understand! That certainly can’t ever backfire!

  • Lou

    Nevertheless, her head is too big compared to her legs…

    Good one !