H&M: Angelina Jolie Leg

Sometimes I want to know what’s going on under a skirt. This is not one of those times.

Photoshop Disasters

When a leg starts to resemble a kickstand, it’s may be time for H&M to re-evaluate their graphics department. Seriously guys, you provide so much content for this site that we may have to start paying you.

Thanks Coraline. You can see the original on the H&M site. 

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  • http://twitter.com/richardginn richardginn

    I see two legs. Two flexible legs…

  • Skeptic

    I think the whole problem results from a bit too much shadow on the calf. And maybe the shadow the dress throws on the shin is a bit too black. Otherwise it seems the leg is pretty straight.

  • LCorbett

    I see a tiny bit of her left ankle/foot.

  • LCorbett

    …but the right leg does appear to be attached at a strange angle…

  • AG

    The leg is just fine, it’s the way the dress falls that makes it look weird to some. Also… Angelina Jolie? I don’t know where they’re seeing her but the girl in the photo is def not Angelina

    • anna

      I think they are referring to the famous leg-pose Angelina stroke during Oscar ceremony this year.

  • http://www.farah.cl/ Miguel Farah

    My girlfriend can do that! She’s an alien with backward knees, though.

  • Ilana

    I’ve been reading this site for some time and there is something that often bothers me, so maybe somebody here can help me with the answer. This is a general question: why is Photoshop used at all in these ads? For example, in this one – couldn’t they just get the model to stand with her leg peeping out? Or in the previous one, couldn’t they just get a picture of 2 girls with their thumbs up? Why do they have to use Photoshop?