Jean Paul: Perfume Ads Are Silly Anyways

My eye started at the cologne’s cod piece and it only got funnier from there.

Photoshop Disasters

Those muscles don’t seem to be quite the right spots, particularly the abdomen that gets sucked into the black hole at the center of the ad.

Community, I have to ask something of you – please avoid the obvious “black hole” innuendos I know you all want to make. I feel the pull too.

Thanks Karin for the find.

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  • J

    And it should be written “mâle” in real french…

  • Barbara

    enhanced….but not what I would call a disaster

  • Frolicfrog


    I sent it too to PSD, but in it’s French version… 😉
    The hand in the water is a disaster: no way the water can be like that with the hand in it. The bear head in the water is also a disaster, and so on.


    • marcy

      I thought the water was ice (which is technically water, but you know what I mean). The bear skin wouldn’t float on water, The hand and Bear head look okay if it is ice, or am I missing something? Most of the rest of his body looks odd to me.
      But I find the shape of the bottle to be the most distracting.

      • Karen McKim

        Could they be so clumsy and literal that they intended the image of his hand melting the ice to convey the message “This man is hot”? A disaster in more ways than just the Photoshopping–even when I was single in my 20s, I would laughed out loud to see a man looking like this.

      • Frolicfrog


        I’ve in front of me a magazine with this ad in full page!

        It’s not at all supposed to be ice but water and his hand is surprisingiy floating above this water but at the same time splashing it.

        There is clearly an issue there.

        FYI, even in the French version of the ad, male is written male and not mâle.


  • Beverly Jenkins

    When girls asked him for his digits, that is NOT what they meant. Hand fail!

  • Elsa St

    Oh, I went to Paris and it was awesome, but this ad was everywhere – I was also disturbed by it! However, I don’t know what’s worst: The PsD or the stupid ad?

  • Kookoo

    I might be going blind, but I don’t see anything wrong here. The hand is melting the ice, the polar bear skin is on the ice, the muscles are enhanced but not disastrous in any way. What am I missing?

  • Andulamb

    Some of you people see PSDs everywhere. You’re kind of like the people who scrutinize NASA videos and insist that every bit of floating space dust is a UFO, or the people who can cite a million and three pieces of “evidence” that prove that 9/11 was a government conspiracy.

    Here at PsDisasters we have self-proclaimed “experts” in anatomy and perspective and physics, who know with absolute certainty what kind of reflection you should get off a dirty car bumper, or how a leg should look when a person is lying a certain way and the camera is positioned just so.

    Has Photoshop been used in the creation of this image? Duh. Is there anything obviously wrong with it? No. A resounding no. Does this guy have an extra thumb? No. Is his nose upside down? No. Has he been contorted into a shape that is not human? No.

    You’re certainly free to hallucinate whatever violations of nature and physics you may wish, but no matter how fertile your imagination this is not a PSD. It’s a guy on a bearskin rug on ice. His crotch has been darkened to protect the innocent. He has all his limbs, all his digits, he’s in human form, and the laws of physics have not been violated.

    Not liking an image does not make it a disaster.

    And now I will retreat to my bunker and await the inevitable.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Learn something from art classes: if you’re going to go nude, go nude. Playing games with the model’s anatomy is a surefire recipe for disaster.

  • Michelle

    It looks like they took a head from a different model and stuck it on muscle-guy’s body and tried to fix it with weird shadows. Also I think both hands are messed up, especially the right one. The original model’s hand was probably doing something else so they stuck one on from the chubby guy in the graphic arts department. Why didn’t they erase those parallel lines at the wrist? It looks like rubber bands and not skin folds.