l’tur: Let’s see a smile

Staying on brand can sometimes fly in the face of good taste.

Photoshop Disasters

A wink and a smile can go a long way – specifically, it can make some people go in the opposite direction. The decision to make that smile cartoonishly sharp makes one wonder how far some people will go to see a smile.

Thanks Mark.

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  • Coerv

    Ugh, yuk. Although I think this grotesque smile was intended. It’s clearly derived from the TUI-Logo you can see in the upper-left corner, and the text says “L’Tur Last Minute, now with the original TUI-Smile.” But why the wonky eye?

    • BonderWread

      it represents the dot from the logo in the upper left, her eye is open instead of putting the dot there

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000905661425 Daniel Martin Konrad Zempel

    This reminds me of the joker. Awfull. I like the TUI CI and the logo, but this is just sick.

  • OurJames

    Not a PSD. It’s clear that they superimposed the smile from the banner in the upper left (after “NEU”) onto the photographed face. A bad concept, but competently executed.

    • Bachowny Plamborgs


      I’m wondering when PSD is going to feature, you know, a picture where Photoshop has been used badly to create something that looks unnatural… not on purpose.

      It must be nice to walk around the world thinking that everything you see and don’t understand is the result of someone else’s incompetence.

  • Kookoo

    Clockwork Orange anyone?

  • Sephis

    This Website has become so shitty. The discussed »wink« is the logo of the company which they’re trying to implement in a real photo. This is supposed to look that way. Have a look at the upper left corner…