Moonrise Kingdom: Double Time

I’ve always felt more films could benefit from having Edward Norton appear in them, but I’m not sure if he should appear in duplicate.

Photoshop Disasters

You have to look closely to catch this one to see the double Norton goodness. To benefit from the full Wes Anderson effect, put on some classic British rock and ask yourself what this disaster’s poignant portrayal of a flawed character says about the human condition and a state of loneliness despite duplicity.

Thanks Philipp. You can see the original DVD cover on Amazon.

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  • omnichad

    Yes, it took me a while to see this one. But I can’t imagine how this shipped like this.

  • Skeptic

    Oh wow. Suddenly I saw it. How did that happen?

    • (color)blind

      Maybe some Layer duplication and misplacing

  • Pedro Hin

    meh, this morning — my toast had a likeness of Edward Norton on it

  • Beverly Jenkins

    Philipp clearly has amazing eye sight! It took me forever to spot this disaster. WTG, Philipp!

  • sean

    wow! epic…

  • kato

    can’t find it u.u

  • Marcy

    It is like one of those find the hidden picture things in Highlights.

  • Quality Jones

    I’m not seeing it

    • Quality Jones

      Holy cow, now I see it!!!

  • Imran Ahmed Rubel

    wow! Vary nice picture

  • (color)blind

    Sorry, can’t see it… where ???

    • (color)blind

      Ohhhhh ! Holy sh…adow !!! I saw it too !

  • cath

    A bit easier to see if you go to the Amazon page, which lets you scroll over the picture to zoom in on specific areas. Once you see it, it becomes obvious. And it’s not just Ed who’s doubled — the kid on his left is, too.

  • teraxa

    there is nothing wrong with this pic… you are exaggerating. Not every pic is a fail.

    • sean

      trust. this one is in fact a serious fail.

  • Guest

    What’s this, a late April’s Fools entry? I can’t see “it”.

  • Miguel Farah

    Took me A LOT , but I finally saw it. For those who can’t: purpx pybfryl gur pybgurf sebz gur xvq jvgu na rlr cngpu.

  • DarthRegis

    For those who can’t see it, Edward Norton is doubled up on the kids uniforms in front of him. (Just look straight down to about Edward’s knee height.)

  • Captain Hook

    And what about the girl? It’s me or she have one leg?

    • I_Drive_In_Ditches

      Yes, and not only that, she has a left leg on her right side!
      Poor girl!