Shape Magazine: Ironic magazine name

I’ve seen that shape before, but usually on stroke victims.

Photoshop Disasters

The motivation behind this disaster is hard to fathom. At best, it’s a statement on plastic surgery and staying out in the sun too long. At worst, someone was trying to fix a blemish and sneezed.

Thanks Raschel. You can see the original on the Shape website.

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  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    I think someone was trying to shape her face into a smile. After hours of manipulation concluded it was impossible and walked away.

    • Beverly Jenkins

      Right? It’s a shame. She’s pretty when she smiles (twice a year).

  • Richard Ginn

    Well here is a MORE full body shot of the same image… I say NO PSD.

    • Rachel Neely Cramer

      The PSD is her distorted face, not her body.

      • Janet Cox Tuhey

        Her body always looks that bad. Especially those two grapefruit halves stuck on her chest.

        • Beverly Jenkins

          Ha! Yes… and the jutting hip bones….

    • RickRussellTX

      Compare your original to the image published above! Holy crap there is a difference!

  • CathyK

    What am I missing? I don’t think this one’s ‘shopped.

  • Rachel Neely Cramer

    Looks like Shape has since replaced the image.

  • stella

    And here I just thought she was adjusting her underwear with her left hand – it always makes one smirk like that (just try it in the mirror if you don’t believe me).
    Note: I was going to say I thought she was just taking the stick out of her butt with her left hand (which I think would also make one smirk like that – someone give it a try and let me know), but I realized I don’t know her well enough to make that sort of comment.