Spot The Disaster: BJ’s Wholesale Club

It’s time once again to test your skills and Spot The Disaster!


This is a subtle one, but that doesn’t make it any less inexplicable.  I mean really, why did they bother?  Let us know what you think in the comments.

This image appeared in BJ’s Summer 2013 member journal.  It was submitted by our fabulous reader, Dara, via our Facebook page.

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  • Tom Megginson


  • Mark D

    The reflection in the table is all wrong. The hand should be being viewed from beneath. Also the background is white not black.

    • Ben

      The reflection also appears to show one of the slices of meat hanging off the edge of the board, whereas in the main picture, they’re completely on the board. It’s not just a single subtle edit, there’s a whole bunch of them.

      Anyway, it makes a change from the failures in composition (rather than in editing) that frequently feature here :)

  • River

    I hadn’t caught the ring. I thought it was the light blue daytime background through his glasses.

    • Fiona Vandale

      Good catch – that one’s as bad as the ring.

  • Edge_of_the_map

    As a microbiologist, the butcher shouldn’t be wearing rings if he handles food without gloves. All those lovely bacteria going from raw meat to sweaty hand and vice-versa

  • stella

    The missing ring, the bloody knife, the creepy smile – I think he is sending a message to his girlfriend that his wife is no longer a issue.

    • Dave

      that actually made me snort coffee down my nose. good job!

    • swell_swell

      You shouldn’t be able to see the *tops* of his fingers in the “reflection.” That’s the side of his hand that points away from the reflective surface, so you wouldn’t know whether or not there is a ring there in the first place.

  • Nick Burlett

    Aside from the ring, the image is also likely flipped left-right. Modern Men’s shirts and coats have buttons on the right-hand placket and button holes on the left.

    • Kris Hepner

      Good call… the ring is on his (reflected) right hand in the picture, when it should be on the left.

  • Lily Anne Nemesia Quinn

    there is a ring in the reflection but not on his finger

  • Kris Hepner

    It’s one of those inverse-vampire rings. It only shows up in mirrors.

  • Spillage Griffiths

    They’ve digitally removed the ring from his finger, after it was pointed out to be strictly un-hygenic. Other than that, nothing.

  • Andi Ludwig

    Did anyone else notice that his nametag does not say “Carlos Diaz”?

    • Keith Rollin

      It says “Meat Manager”. But since it’s not flipped like the rest of the picture, I guess it was added in post.

      • Maarten

        I think he means the left one, the right one says Meat Manager, but the left one seems to have 2 C’s instead of 1 C and a D.

  • brian thomson

    What about the Fake Beef Reflection? Hey, that might be a good name for a band, or maybe an album …

    • Marcy

      And their first big hit will be “Where Did My Ring Go?”

  • thebewilderness

    I suppose they thought the ring would distract from the ginormous hunk of meat.

  • hugo brito

    I understand! He’s only married in a paralel universe! :)

  • Cyril

    I just noticed the “BJ expert”… 😀

  • Andy

    In some countries (and indeed areas of countries) a ring on the left little (pinkie) finger can indicate that the (male) wearer is gay. Perhaps they don’t like the idea of a gay butcher?

  • dsu

    Al Franken’s twin brother isn’t named Carlos Diaz.

  • Mukkaram

    Reflection of hand like this is not possible…
    how come back side of hand is reflected in a surface which is opposite to it….!

  • smrk

    Black (dark) background behind man, but white (light) background behind him in the reflection on table. And the ring in reflection.

  • barbara

    The mirror image on the table seems to be contrived. The top of his hand shouldn’t show in the mirror image judging by the angle of his hand.

    • omnichad

      And his reflection is married. Don’t forget that.

  • just me.

    Name on his tag is not the same as name on the board…..

  • casajaime

    Usually, you cut the meat with the knife in one hand while you hold the meat with the other hand – impossible here!

  • Kris Hepner

    Let’s get one fact settled: aside from the fact that it shows that the ring was removed from the image, there’s nothing wrong with the reflection of the man’s hand on the table surface. I don’t know how anyone thinks they would see the underside of his hand when there’s no path for light to travel from there to the camera – his hand is blocking any such path. I guarantee you, that’s a legit angle for the reflection. The table’s mirrored surface is not perpendicular to the camera, it’s nearly parallel.

  • jeremy stevens

    the missing ring and… do reflections work that way?… seems like a lot of the TOP of his hand is reflecting when the bottom of his hand is what is aimed at the reflective surface.

  • Joseph Hirst

    Bending light! One photoshop pro marvels scientists.

  • Patrick Joseph Michalek

    I think U have 2 much time on your hands. AND 2 many EVIL sponsors. 0(

  • felixinmontana

    missing wedding ring